Our friends at Sherbrooke Liquor have asked us to help make your whisky shopping experience easier so we will be selecting three delicious whisky picks each month. They will be forever known as the ‘Dram Fine Gems’! 

Whether you need inspiration on what to buy for yourself, a gift idea for the whisky lover in your life, get intimidated by a large Scotch selection OR just don’t know where to start?! Keep an eye out for our logo in the whisky section and we’ll steer you right! 

If you’re not based in Edmonton, that doesn’t stop these being great whisky suggestions for any budget, and we love sharing our love of the drams with you all.



We’re heading to Thailand, and it’s going to be intense. Nothing like some hot climate maturation to really jam up the flavour – something that Kavalan is quite famous for. We’re loving the big juicy fruits (think of peaches and pears) with a lovely warm spice (think cinnamon and cloves) all while displaying an amazing wood flavour from the superior ex-Brandy casks used. It is cask strength (58.7%) so once water was added, the sweet honey notes really came through. It’s a bit pricey (as Kavalan usually is), but if you’re looking for a sophisticated dram to impress your guests, definitely check it out!



If you’re looking for a more light and savoury dram, this 80/20 Peated/Unpeated number is for you! And for that price point, you seriously can’t go wrong. Also, did you know that the Ardmore Distillery is protected by the majestic golden eagle that glides high above it? You can ponder that while you enjoy the light charcoal and heather honey notes that this dram brings to the table.



Bruichladdich, Bruichladdich, Bruichladdich…sigh. As one of the most innovative and forward-thinking whisky producers in the world, Bruichladdich is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship and continues to lead with way in sustainability. This unpeated, locally grown single malt showcases their commitment to barley provenance as well. We’re loving the oily-malty sweetness that comes through – a lot of complexity for a younger whisky. Herbaceous and citrus, vanilla and ginger. Doesn’t hurt that it’s under $100 as well.


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