Water of Life Film X Bruichladdich X Dram Fine

Out first event, the Edmonton premiere of the Water of Life film in partnership with Bruichladdich was an incredible night for us. Thank you to everyone who supported us and came along to watch a beautiful film and enjoy a really fun party.

Guests were welcomed with a Bruichladdich cocktail upon arrival and received a goodie bag to take into the 360 degree theater at the Telus World of Science Edmonton. Inside the goodie bag were 4 drams of Bruichladdich to drink along with the movie and watch for the dram cues as they pop up on the screen so they knew when to drink. Pop corn,stickers, branded Bruichladdich glassware and water dropper. 

Post-movie, Pamela and Chelsey the hosts of Dram Fine took to the stage with the movie director, Greg Schwarz and Bruichladdich brand ambassador, Gez McAlpine for a live Q+A. After getting to know the ins and outs of making the movie it was time to party. With a Bruichladdich cocktail bar, music from DJ Joses, and food from Celtic Kitchen including haggis bon bons that went down a treat! It was a blast and everyone from the Edmonton whisky scene was there including special guest Santa Claus!