Whisky Review: Great King Street Artist’s Blend

Bottle of blended scotch whisky

Tasting Notes: Great King Street Artist’s Blend, Compass Box

The lovely thing about the Great King Street Artist’s Blend is it’s super smooth and light. This one want’s to be drank outside on a sunny day. An absolute peach of a dram.

Aroma: Fresh under ripe peach and apricot. Grassy and honeysuckle notes on the nose.

Palate: Tasting super soft fruit, mega peachy flavours with a spicy kick of cardamom and black pepper and a floraly jasmine counter point.

Finish: Short clean finish.

”This one is peachy from start to finish”

Pamela, Episode 4 Season 1

Published by Dram Fine

When whisky fanatics Chelsey and Pamela first met in 2017 for a work meeting, it ended in cocktails and many laughs. Fast forward two years, and the two are still drinking and laughing — but now they record it. Dram Fine was born out of the pair’s mutual love for the spirit, and the need for more female representation in the whisky podcasting world. Drinking whisky seems elitist and nerve-wracking to some, but it's to be enjoyed by all. This podcast replaces that exclusive vibe with a light-hearted approach to drinking scotch. Dram Fine was 9 months in the making. Shortly after recording the pilot episode, Pamela discovered she was expecting... then two weeks later, so did Chelsey! Unsurprisingly, planning out the rest of the season proved a challenge as they outlined each episode (while gasping for a sip!) With only a few weeks to go till the beginning of their motherhood journeys, Dram Fine is also the start of an exciting, new, whisky-filled personal project for these ladies. Dram Fine is your chance to follow their adventure and tune in with a nip.