Picture of a bottle of Bruichladdich Classic Laddie

Whisky Review: Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie

Tasting Notes: Bruichladdich, The Classic Laddie

This distillery has so much heart you can’t help fall in love with it.. and the drams aren’t too bad either. The Classic Laddie is unpeated, a nice one for those wanting to get into Islay whiskies but too scared to dive into a peaty scotch. Lovely dram – pairs well with the Water of Life movie.

Aroma: The Classic Laddie gives off raw, fresh, earthy notes on the nose. Salty sea air, medicinal notes and citrus, lemon freshness.

Palate: Followed by salty and earthy flavours, like stones or gravel. Yet there is a floral element of heather and tangy zesty lemon.

Finish: Spicy short finish.

”Like a wet stone in my mouth”

Chelsey, Episode 1 Season 1